Mainstreaming Review with the World Bank staff

Event date: 
23 June 2021

The EO4SD-FCS consortium organized a Mainstreaming Review with the World Bank staff that had benefited from the services delivered during the project.

The meeting was very constructive and clearly underlined the progress made in EO services awareness within the bank, both at task team and management level. As stated by Christoph Aubrecht, the GDA lead from ESA: “we have come a long way”. Nevertheless, communicating clearly on the benefits of EO services is still necessary and the attendees agreed that the Bank staff were in all likelihood the best advocates. The intention is to organize a final review in September where management as well a task team members will be invited to attend. This meeting will also be open to participants outside the project who are interested to learn about how EO services can support activities in the Fragile context.