Natural Resource Management

Society heavily depends on the availability of key natural resources such as food and water. Monitoring key natural resources is essential for natural resource management. This has been identified by stakeholders in Lake Chad as a significant challenge with which support is needed.

Justice, Law and Early Detection of Onset of Crises

Detecting and monitoring in-region population displacement is one of several services supporting issues related to justice, law and conflict prevention. The project is investigating the possibility of conducting such a trial in Iraq and Lake Chad.

Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure

Monitoring infrastructure status and developments is a key activity in any state either facing the challenge of reconstruction or developing new key infrastructure. The project is planning to provide damage characterization and reconstruction planning support among other services in Iraq for specific World Bank projects.

Environmental Security

Environmental security is an important prerequisite for safe human development. The project is planning to provide services related, but not limited, to environmental security issues for specific World Bank projects in Colombia.

Support to Operations in Fragile States

The services provided by the project are not limited to the four main thematic areas and may be used to support the World Bank in planning, implementation and supervision and evaluation of projects.

Online data processing platform

In order to tackle the sometimes daunting task of tackling huge amounts of heterogeneous data, the project has been using an adapted version of the ADAM platform to meet the needs of our stakeholders. This platform is available and free to test for anyone who might be interested. All you need to do is go to and register as a user.