Novel data mining technique applied to Sentinel-2 time series to identify desert locust impacted agricultural fields in Somalia


The EO4SD – Fragility Conflict, and Security consortium evaluated an additional advanced analytical technique and data sets to assess locust impacts in Somalia

11 March 2021

East Africa Locust outbreak - how can Earth observation contribute?


The EO4SD - Fragility, Conflict, and Security consortium completed a rapid evaluation to assess the use of EO data to detect the direct impact (damage) of the locust infestation on croplands in Ethiopia.

14 May 2020

Exploring Opportunities for Collaboration with the World Bank’s GEMS Initiative


On March 4, UNITAR, representing the EO4SD-Fragility, conflict and security consortium, met with representatives from the World Bank. 

18 March 2020

How Venezuelan migration is changing urban expansion in Cucuta, Colombia


Each day, the scene is the same: parents walking with their kids, even their pets, and a few belongings they can carry fleeing from Venezuela.


27 February 2020

New Online Course: How to Use Geospatial Information Technology (GIT) in Fragile Contexts


Wednesday 19 February, UNOSAT launched a new online course entitled “Geospatial Information Technology (GIT) in Fragile Contexts” developed under the scope of this project. 

20 February 2020

Successful results pave the way for the future


The Fragility, Conflict and Security consortium’s successes in its first year of activities pave the way for future achievements in the coming years.

19 September 2019